The Shopping Arcade


Visit the shopping arcade and you will find everything you need for a pleasant holiday:

From crafts to fashion and calling cards (known as scratch cards) to be used in your mobile phone for cheap calls to Europe.

A Souvenir shop, safari boutique, fashion boutique, sports and recreation store and jewelry can be found centrally located in the hotel


Many of our products are exclusive. The hotel helps to promote local handicraft by buying as much as possible from local suppliers who travel a long distance by Matatu (Mini Bus) and by foot, just to bring us their handmade ware.




During a visit to the Shoping Arcade, there is always discover something new!

Our shops are ecco-friendly and we do not buy anything which is made with shells or has shells on it such as sandals, belts and jewelry, apart from the old West African antiquities which have shells on them since years ago. We only buy wooden articles made from fast growing tree that thus are sustainable, and will not buy articles made from woods from endangered trees.

Hier finden Sie ausgefallene Masken

Our shops help many charitable organizations by selling their products.

Much of the glas beaded jewelery in our Shops is made exclusively for us.  


Eine Erinnerung an Ihren Kenia Aufenthalt!