Diani Dog Show

KSPCA Organise Another Diani Dog Show - 2010

After the big success of the KSPCA Dog Show in Diani last year we decided to hold another one on the 21st of march.

The show will be hold once more at the Leisure Lodge Golf Club for what we are very thankful to Mr. John Mutua.

This is a fun day for everybody and we welcome you all to attend the show while you support this charity at the same time.

As it is said ‘ a man's best friend is his dog' so bring your dog along and he will remain your friend forever.

The show is scheduled to start at 12pm and the first class entry from 2pm .

The classes to be registered for are: Best puppy, Best pedigree dog, Best veteran, Shaggiest dog, Judges favorite, Waggiest Tail, Best KSPCA dog.

And of course the show won't end without the champion, which will be the dog that accumulates most points in all the classes. There would fabulous prizes to be won by every dog that wins in a class.

There will also be bar food and drinks and various stalls so come along and have a fun day.

The kids are also most well come, there will be various entertainments to keep them busy.

This charity runs entirely on donations and fundraising and this year made Kshs. 160,000 (Euros 1,600)

Any person who would like to donate to this worthwhile cause please contact Pauline McKenzie at dianilink@wananchi.com

The winner dog.

All winners

All winners!

The judges and the interested spectators during the award ceremony.

Diani Dog Show Winner Dogs Children with the “Best friend"