Winston Churchill reportedly said after a stay in Kenya

"Kenya is like a persistent viral infection, you will not get rid of it for all your life"

Many of the tourists we were at the Leisure Lodge, have been infected incurable, they are always returning to Kenya and to us.
Some of our regulars were already up to 45 times at with, and some guests stay up to four months with us!
The numbers of guests that will are getting recognized for repeated visits to the Leisure Lodge grows from year to year.

That speaks for us, as a further confirmation of our efforts to host our guests. The tourism agency HolidayCheck included us in their Top 100 destinations worldwide (2007/2008 edition)


Security in Kenya - Safety at Leisure Lodge Resort

The security situation in Kenya is good. Especially in tourist regions, the Kenyan government has security firmly under control. Attacks or attacks on visitors in Kenya are the absolute exception. Our resort has its own security service to ensure your safety. It provides discrete security to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday in absolute peace and security.