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NTVKenya - 2. Juni 2010 -

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Two new ferries have finally been delivered at the port of Mombasa. The ferries ordered from Germany arrived at the port of Mombasa this morning with expectation that they will ease delays and the Likoni channel. Top government officials were at hand to receive the vessels

The south coast will soon be achieved safely and on time.

The two ferries will be shipped to Kenya in early February-march 2010.
They are eagerly awaited in the port of Mombasa. They will replace two over 50 years old, ramshackle vessels. The new vessels are reserved to the people in mombasa very important, "says the ex-Dresden-Christine Schneider, Assistance Association of Kenya.(Verein Kenia Hilfe)

Ms. Schneider used the ferry service between Mombasa and the south coast regularly.
Since 1999, the 59-year-old heads the Benevolent Society (Verein Kenia Hilfe) Who runs the orphanage on the south coast of Kenya "Tsimba Children's Home."

The old ferries always fall back because of technical defects. Early last year there was a near-tragedy. According to the Daily Nation newspaper published in Nairobi, desperate commuters trampled down other passengers, because shortly before two of the old ferries were broken. Accordingly, great was the crush at the remaining in the service .....

Im November wurde eines der Schiffe, die MV Likoni, beim offiziellen Stapellauf zu Wasser gelassen. Foto: Steffen Füssel Old ferries are dangerous
A single boat but can not cope with the daily onslaught of around 170000 passengers and 3000 vehicles. Accordingly, the ships usually hopelessly overloaded. Local people expose these dangers is a suggestion, said Ms. Schneider.
Even the tourists were affected. Due to the extremely long waiting times, guests had to drive off five hours earlier from the hotel, so that they reach the airport punctuality.

Chief engineer Udo Rehm

Der Technische Leiter Udo Rehm blickt stolz auf die zwei Fähren, die seine Laubegaster Werft für Kenia gebaut hat. Foto: Steffen Füssel

"We have not built the ferries, if there were problems with financing," he says.
Launching was dedicated to the Kenyan Minister of Transport Hon Chirau Mwakwere arrived. In early February, they will now go on the trip. The transfer to Hamburg on the Elbe river takes approximately one week.

Two cranes lift the ferry
Upon arrival in Hamburg, the ships are fully assembled and lifted by two cranes into the hold of an overseas freighter. Approximately four weeks later, they reach their new place of Mombasa. Christine Schneider had learned only recently from the SZ- newspaper believe that the new ferries were built in their ancient homeland. Then she was also a little bit proud, she says.


Quelle: sz-online/Sächsische Zeitung von Tobias Wolf Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010 

Chef Torsten Mueller in March 2009 with the Kenyan Transport Minister Chirau Ali Mwakwera, John J. and Joseph Kingi Ria Kenya Ferry Services.

Werft-Chef Torsten Müller (l.) empfing im März 2009 den kenianischen Verkehrsminister Chirau Ali Mwakwera (2.v.l.) sowie John J. Ria und Joseph Kingi von „Kenya Ferry Services“.


By Patrick Beja the Standard Published on 14/01/2010

Two modern ferries will arrive at Mombasa from Germany by end of March this year.

The vessels, that cost the Government Sh644 million (5,904,964 euros) each, will come as a relief to more than 180,000 passengers crossing the Likoni channel daily.

Just like with roads, pedestrian and vehicle traffic has grown at the Likoni channel, posing a major challenge.

The ferries have been under construction in Dresden for the past one year, and are due for transportation to Hamburg, where they are expected to be loaded for shipment to Mombasa on February 27.

But it has dawned that the new ferries may present new challenges for Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) and the Government.

High costs

The Government must cough out more cash to expand the existing ferry landing for new ferries.

The cost on both sides of Likoni channel is reported to run into millions of shillings. Today, the landing ramps allow only two ferries to land at a time and this cannot clear the crowds during peak hours.

When the two new ferries are delivered, KFS will be operating a total of seven vessels.

KFS acting Managing Director Isaac Kamau, last week admitted landing ramps would have to be expanded.

"We have requested for funds from the Government to expand the ferry landing infrastructure to accommodate at least three ferries at a time," said Kamau. Ferry approaches are also said to be narrow for smooth flow of heavy human and vehicle traffic.

Once the two vessels arrive, KFS will the old vessels for long maintenance such as dry docking.

KFS Chairman Joseph Kahindi Kingi said the old vessels would be taken to the dry docks for repairs. This could last up to three months.