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Read the letter from the chairman, John Mutua

Dear deeply and valued Donors,

I trust all is well.
It is with great pride that I announce the 2016 KCSE results of the second form 4 stream of our noble Leisure Rondwe Jalaram Girls Secondary School students which has been an absolutely sterling and fabulous performance.    Find attached the results.
Once again, the Girls have actually emerged top in the County, given that there were only 30 entries against the much bigger Matuga Girls who had 177.  It is also important to note that in the entire country, only 141 students managed to achieve A’s!!!!  You will notice from the attached scores that all the 30 students passed with impressive results qualifies  them to be admitted to University except the 3 with C-
·       B +      2 girls
·       B         5 girls
·       B -       9 girls
·       C +      7 girls
·       C         4 girls
·       C -       3 girls
17 girls are eligible for admission to University through Higher Education Loan Board (HELB), 11 girls scored to get admitted to the University but will not get Government sponsorship through HELB but they have to find sponsors.  Those who cannot get University C-‘s) but will get to be admitted to Polytechnics or specific Institutions are 3.   You will note 27 out of 30 girls can now be admitted to University with their scores.  This is  a very commendable and impressive performance despite the immense challenges and adversities they have endured over the years.  As a matter of fact, all the 30 girls have passed and non has failed.
Please join me in saluting and complimenting the School’s Principal, the Teachers, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Parents and my fellow Trustees for their combined efforts to achieving this remarkable distinction.  They deserve great credit.
We shall soon be carrying out the evaluation and counseling exercise to find out exactly what careers the girls want to pursue and approach sponsors accordingly.  This CSR project of Leisure Lodge supported by Jalaram, Nathwani family and their Kays Foundation, C&P Shoes, Desai Memorial, Rotary International District 9212, Freemasons of Scotland and other generous donors has borne and drawn inspiration but most importantly, transformed the lives of 63 students so far, those who had no hope of an education.
These exploits and achievements will motivate the other girls to  aim for excellence and success. 
There is not greater, better deed  and contentment than changing and transforming the lives of Girls from very poor backgrounds who had no hope in life and would have ended up getting married at 14 years or exposed to other vices and now the majority of them will be admitted to the University to pursue their preferred careers and become responsible professionals and contribute immensely to their county. 
By educating one Girl, you educate the entire community and this is indeed an abundant blessing.  “Let women shine by empowering them with Education”.  In modern society, it is impossible for a community to fulfill its true potential without the participation of women.  Women are the pillars of society and the 30 Girls will play an enormous role for their respective communities and county.  You have  all fulfilled a vital and sacred role that is priceless by enhancing 63 Girls and others to follow.
A very special dream has been realized and come true.  May the Leisure Rondwe Jalaram Girls Secondary School continue to be blessed and become an icon of success and role model by which all others are measured. 
May you all be blessed most abundantly for your support for this noble project whose achievement has been beyond expectations and belief.  The Girls have done us proud and without your support we could never have achieved it.
Leisure Rondwe Jalaram Girls  Juu… Juu… Juu Kabisa !
Yours sincerely,
John K. Mutua
Executive Director


I trust all is well.

I thought it wise to inform you of our commencement and purpose of a cherished project we have always aspired for, a Corporate Social Responsibility, of giving back to the community and establishing a lasting milestone that will benefit the local community who have been disadvantaged.

The community approached us some years ago to consider a Girls only School since Girls in this County are severely disadvantaged as parents still uphold their traditional practice of marrying them off once they reach puberty and believe education is a waste of money.  Only boys advance to higher levels of education.  There is no single Girls  only School in the County.

We subsequently donated 2 acres of land and started building phase 1 school in June which will be completed end of November.  This will comprise of ;

  • 4 Classrooms, Washrooms
  • Administration Block
  • Assembly Hall
  • Play grounds

Phase 2 will be an additional 4 classrooms, Dormitory and Laboratory.

We have established a Trust that I will chair with 4 elders who were selected by the community to ensure optimum accountability.  The proposed Girls School has been earmarked and planned as an “Excel” facility, to offer the very best education possible to ensure the Girls reach the zenith of their aspired careers.

We also intend to start a Farm which will be initially sponsored by the Red Cross who will provide a Green House and expertise.          

Leisure Lodge will then buy their produce and with the money generated, the School will be noble to sustain itself.  Some of our guests have indicated their willingness to sponsor a kit.  We are working out the finer details and modalities to put in place a clear structure.  

Find herewith the site plan and Architect’s drawing in addition to a executive summary and vision of the School which is already underway.  The School is located next to our Golf Course along fairway no. 4 and registered as “Leisure Rondwe Jalaram Girls School.

I look forward to showing you the project during your next visit and perhaps to seek support for this unique and worthy corporate social responsibility project for the community that will have a profound impact on Girls education in the region and propel them to very successful careers.

Yours sincerely,





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