Renovation Programm 2012 Leisure Lodge Resort - Kenya

During our closure in May and June, we have carried out extensive renovations in the Leisure Lodge Resort in order to meet the expectations of our valued guests. We are happy to share you some impressions of the ongoing renovations in the hotel as well as in the rooms:


Following renovations and modifications have been done:

- Renewal of water pipes in the Bustani Club

- New plaster on many exterior walls, which was wet due to leaking water pipes

- Installation of new toilet flushing cisterns

- Replacement of taps / mixers in the bathrooms

- Replacement of old air conditioners

- New mattresses and replacements of blankets with duvets

- New soft furnishing for Bahari rooms and upgrade of block E & F

- Beautification of gardens and many other scope of works

- Renovation of almost all traditional makuti roofs

- Kitchen equipment, cold rooms, solar etc.

- For our Bustani Club guests, new toilet facilitys are from now on available at Kivulini Beach. Therfore, the hotel as well as the club have their own toilet facilities close to the beach.