Renovation Programm 2014

Dear guests, friends and partners of the Leisure Lodge Resort
We hope that you are doing well and that you are enjoying the summer in Europe, which has just started.

In our newsletter, you will learn some news about the planned renovation in the Leisure Lodge Resort.

1. Remaining Bahari rooms blocks G, H, I, J, K & L. The work only involves the bathrooms that had been refurbished on a "piece meal" basis after over the years. They will be thoroughly refurbished and will be similar to those in Premier wing.

2. Bustani 34 rooms, bathtubs that are very unsightly and re-sprayed with all fitting will be completely refurbished. However, we want to retain 10 rooms with bathtubs due to some special requests that may arise.

3. Soft furnishing especially Bustani rooms and Oasis Villas will be included to give a "refreshed look".

4. Water pressure problems in Bahari and Premier wings will be addressed once and for all.

5. Oasis Villa toilets (13 rooms) will be replaced with new modern toilets with flush buttons. All washbasins will be replaced.

6. All rooms, except palm wing will be provided with new flat screen TVs to replace the bulky and unsightly ones.

7. Air-conditioners - the remaining old AC's will be replaced. Note last year we replaced over 100 AC's.

8. Laundry - We will buy new laundry equipment, especially the flat work iron, to ensure our new duvets, and bed-covers and bed-sheets are crisp and finished to very professional standards.

The above are the key priorities. The above-mentioned renovations will start from May 12th of 2014. The Hotel re-opens in phases on 8th. July and the Club from the 1st. of August in phases.

Of course, several renovations and embellishments in the public area will be done as well. Should you wish detailed information about the renovation, kindly contact us?